Yglesias Award Nominee

“[I]t is possible that conservatives only retroactively realized that Bill Clinton wasn’t the boogeyman they thought he was. This also doesn’t ring true, but let’s assume that it is the case. Supposing these conservatives were wrong about Clinton in the 1990s — isn’t it  fair to wonder if it they might also be wrong about Obama today? (Will this pattern continue? Is it absurd to think we might live to see the day when we are talking about how moderate President Obama was — and how this President Julian Castro is the real socialist?)

As I implied on “Reliable Sources,” the more likely scenario is that, while Bill Clinton was a liberal, many conservatives also engaged in demagoguery when Clinton was president. That sort of conservative prestidigitation may work on people who have no memory of the 1990s. But it also raises some questions about the intellectual honesty of some conservative pundits,” – Matt Lewis.