Quote For The Day

"I can’t ever imagine if the Prime Minister of Israel asked to meet with me, I can’t imagine ever saying no," – Mitt Romney.

It's a lovely complement to the following Romney campaign statement noted by Greg Djerejian:

As reported in the New York Times, after the latest fracas between Obama and Netanyahu, a Romney advisor states:

"Mr. Romney had no immediate comment about Mr. Netanyahu’s challenge to Mr. Obama, and one of his informal advisers on the Middle East said, 'It’s probably better at this point to let Netanyahu make the point because it’s more powerful that way.'" The adviser said he was not authorized to speak on the record." [my emphasis]

So let’s get this straight. First, no one is willing to comment on the record. Second, they double down on this cowardly posture by stating it is better to let a foreign leader beat up the United States’ current sitting President than the campaign itself. Quite classy. A few decades back, this would have unthinkable. Forget about politics stopping at the water’s edge, this is an opposition party openly siding with a foreign leader's world view on one of the leading geopolitical issues of the day.

Yep. And what's new about that? If Romney is elected, US foreign policy in the Middle East will be outsourced to the Likud.