Ask John Hodgman Anything: Why All The Doomsday Fear-Mongering?

You probably recognize Hodgman from his appearances on The Daily Show and those ubiquitous Apple ads, but be sure to check out his book, That Is All, an audio and paperback version of which are being released October 2, along with The Complete World Knowledge box set. Excerpts here:

That is All is predicated on the premise (ahem, CERTAIN KNOWLEDGE) that, starting quite soon, we will enter a pre-apocalyptic period leading up to the end of the world, or to be more specific, Hodgman’s “COMING TOTAL ULTRACOLLAPSE OF CIVILIZATION AND END OF HUMAN HISTORY,” but which may conveniently be referred to using the Norse term Ragnarok. You may think this is a joke, but it is deadly serious — this really is the end, because indeed, Hodgman has finally decided to write about topics including WINE and SPORTS, which were dismissed in his previous volumes. The end is nigh, and it has a bouquet with hints of fruit, albuterol, and jokes.

John also wrote The Areas Of My Expertise and More Information Than You Require. Check out his podcast here. Previous videos of John here, here and here. “Ask Anything” archive here.