Is Sam Bacile Even A Real Person? Ctd

John Herman tracks down the latest on the apparent Keyser Soze of blasphemous film. There is reason to believe that "Sam Bacile" is an alias for one Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a Coptic Christian:

In [Jimmy] Israel's telling, it was Sam Bacile — a man he met a number of times, and who insisted that was his real name — who turned the film into a piece of religious incitement. "Sam portrayed [Muhammed] as being a sex addict and killing people left and right and having henchmen kill people and so forth," he says, "I don't know about Muhammed at all." The reason for his initial participation was money: "It was really just for hire, I'm not a wealthy man."

In my discussion with Israel, which ended when his phone apparently died, he provided a bizarre sketch of Sam Bacile, who it seems very likely is, in fact, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. (While Israel said he had never met anyone by that name, the name Bacile gave to Israel for the SAG registration was Abnob Nakoula Basseley, and Israel describes him as about the same age as that given in the AP report.)

The actors had no idea what they were filming. The whole thing is like a plot from a Mel Brooks movie. Many readers have made this point:

Say Sam Bacile out loud. From the first time I saw it I thought it sounds like "some imbecile." My guess is that it's a made-up name like Ben Dover, Amanda Huggenkiss, etc.


Not to go down the conspiracy rabbit hole, but it strikes me that the word "Islam" would be part of any anagram for Sam Bacile. Dropping the remaining letters into google translate from Latin, "Ceba
Islam" translates into "… said Islam." Could this be the author reinforcing his sour message about Islam?  Or perhaps the movie was secretly produced by Islamists to stir up protests and undercut the Arab Spring. I'm not sure, but maybe your readers can flesh out possible translations of the various combinations of the letters C B E A.

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