Ad War Update: Tit For Tat

Andrew Sullivan —  Sep 14 2012 @ 7:04pm

Today the Obama campaign pushed back on yesterday's China-focused Romney ad with a new nine-state spot rehashing their outsourcing rhetoric (ad buy amount unknown):

And series of new Spanish spots are out supporting the president, two from the campaign and another two as a joint effort from SEIU and the pro-Obama Super PAC Priorities USA. One ad from the Obama campaign, which is going up in Florida, reminds voters that Romney did not support Sotomayor's nomination to the Supreme Court. The other touts popular talk-show host Cristina Saralegui:

Geneva Sands translates:

"Let’s talk facts. When President Obama took office our economy was on the verge of disaster. Hundreds of thousands of Americans lost their jobs every month. The policies of the last Republican President were disastrous. Obama stopped the crisis and we are recovering. And now Romney and Ryan ask us to return to the policies that caused the crisis. Back to the future? No way. Forward … with Obama!"

The other two outside-spending Spanish ads will go up in Colorado, Florida, and Nevada and have $4 million behind them. They are one-minute spots hitting Romney on a variety of issues that relate to Hispanic voters. One is here, the other is below (note the use of the misleading, edited-down "I like to be able to fire people" line, only leaving in the "who provide services to me", which is usually cut):

From the other side, Rove's dark-money group, Crossroads GPS, is going on the offensive against Obama regarding taxes, part of a one-week $5.3 million buy across six states. The ad frames Obamacare as a tax increase and says the president is "dishonest":

Another outside spender on Team Romney, the Super PAC Restore Our Future, is getting ready to go on-air in Wisconsin and – here's a surprise – Michigan, where the Romney campaign had recently seemed to abandon because of Obama's strong lead in the polls. The size of the buy is not yet known. In other news, a new WaPo/ABC poll looked at how much voters trusted the candidates, with unsurprising results regarding the correlation between opinion and partisanship. And lastly, Mike Shields writes of an interesting place the Obama campaign is placing some GOTV advertising:

Starting today, the Obama campaign will begin running ads across multiple video game titles from Electronic Arts, including the new Madden NFL 13, in the key Electoral College-tilting states of Ohio, Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire and Virginia. The ads are aimed at encouraging the gaming demographic to take advantage of early voting in these states.

It's worked before:

According to Dave Madden, EA’s svp of global media solutions, the strategy paid off for team Obama. Based on surveys conducted by EA during the 2008 ad effort, gamers were 120 percent more likely to feel positively about the candidate and 50 percent more likely to consider voting for him after seeing the in-game ads.

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