Romney Is No Reagan

A reader writes:

Your quoting of two then-future presidents regarding the Iran hostage crisis got me thinking even more about the horrific events of the past couple days. Candidates Reagan and Bush were responding to an event that Jimmy Carter had an actual hand in deciding.  Carter was the one who made the call to attempt to rescue the hostages.  By doing so Carter is accountable for what happened.  And yet Reagan and Bush stood firmly behind their president and did not criticize the decision that he made. Fast forward to 2012.  The Republican presidential candidate chooses to attack the Obama administration for a statement that upon reflection looks like a balanced respectful approach to a situation that President Obama had nothing at all to do with. 

This was not the President’s personal decision.  This was a decision by a mid-level embassy employee at a completely different embassy than the one that would later be attacked with horrific consequences.  Mitt Romney’s attack (and the smirk, which I hope gets aired nonstop over the next several days) and the comments of his cheerleaders in the Republican party not only prove that this is not my father’s Republican party, but that ever since Clinton won election in 1992, the big tent has been hijacked entirely by the reactionary element of the GOP.  Mitt Romney and those who classlessly have been backing his attack are not only not fit to be leaders of this nation, they are not fit to maintain any public soapbox at all.

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