The Protests Spread

Anti-film protests were held today in Sudan, Iraq, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Lebanon, Pakistan, Israel, Jordan, Qatar, India and Kashmir, while protests continue in Egypt and Yemen. Many of the demonstrations followed Friday prayers, though they widely varied in size. The Guardian is live-blogging. From CNN:

One of the worst riots took place in Sudan, where a thousands converged on the German Embassy and set it on fire, a journalist on the scene said. Some managed to get inside and pull down a German flag before police with tear gas forced the crowd to retreat.

In Egypt, a running battle between police and protesters in Cairo continued into its fourth day. And Afghanistan saw its first demonstrations Friday, despite the government’s attempts to block the online video from sparking riots. Aware that protests were planned for Friday — the Muslim holy day — the United States beefed up security at its embassies and consulates across the Middle East.

Al Arabiya reports on the scene in Tunisia:

Police fired tear gas and warning shots as more than 1,000 stone-throwing protesters gathered on Friday outside the U.S. embassy in a Tunis suburb to denounce [the film], an AFP journalist reported. A thick black plume of smoke was seen rising from the car park of the embassy, with a policeman telling AFP that some demonstrators had thrown petrol bombs. The security forces intervened when hardline Salafis among the demonstrators outside the U.S. mission started hurling rocks, the journalist said. … Protesters also set fire to the American School in Tunis, a Reuters reporter said. The school was closed on Friday.

This was the scene in Tahrir Square, where the Muslim Brotherhood had first backed, then tried to cancel, today’s protests:

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