A Quote For Sunday

Andrew Sullivan —  Sep 16 2012 @ 11:34am


"[T]he concept of the status viatoris is one of the basic concepts of every Christian rule of life. To be a ‘viator’ means ‘one on the way.’ The status viatoris is, then, the ‘condition or state of being on the way’…It would be difficult to conceive of another statement that penetrates as deeply into the innermost core of creaturely existence as does the statement that man finds himself, even until the moment of his death, in the status viatoris, in the state of being on the way… Both—despair and the certainty of possession—are in conflict with the truth of reality. The only answer that corresponds to man’s actual existential situation is hope. The virtue of hope is preeminently the virtue of status viatoris; it is the proper virtue of the ‘not yet.’ In the virtue of hope more than in any other, man understands and affirms that he is a creature, that he has been created by God," - Josef Pieper.

Via Wesley Hill.

(Photo by Flickr user timsamoff)