Meep Meep Watch

Joe Klein compares Romney’s closed-door speech to Obama’s 2008 closed-door “bitter clingers” quote:

Obama’s gaffe was a minor tributary off the main story of the 2008 presidential campaign, which was the economic collapse. Romney’s adoption of the Fox-Rush neo-libertarian sensibility, and the remedies that it assumes, is the main story of the 2012 campaign.

He will have to defend his fantasy in the debates. He will have to say why he believes that 47% of the American public doesn’t want to “take responsibility” for their lives. He will have to say why the Republican policies at the heart of this problem–eliminating income taxes for the working class, expanding food stamps (a George W. Bush initiative), expanding Medicare to cover prescription drugs (Bush again)–are bad for the country.

The debates are Romney’s best bet to turn this thing around, unless Netanyahu tries to help him out by blowing up the global economy. If Mitt’s constantly on the defensive in them, as Joe suggests he’ll have to be, this could turn into a rout. Down-ballot as well.

Has Obama now done to the entire GOP what he did to the Clintons, McCain and Romney? Make them somehow self-destruct? Know hope – and I haven’t said that in a while.