Ad War Update: The First Small Salvo

Andrew Sullivan —  Sep 18 2012 @ 8:45pm

In addition to the web ad we highlighted earlier that first uses the fundraiser footage, Team Obama puts out a clever graphic:


The Obama campaign indicates they are still considering how to use the fundraiser clips in actual advertising, while pro-Obama Super PAC Priorities USA is already gung-ho. But the campaign did come out with a new TV ad targeting women; it follows yesterday's baby-deficit-daughter ad from the Romney campaign and focuses on the potential negative effects of the Romney/Ryan tax plans. The ad will air in six states (size of the buy unknown):

In outside spending news, Rove's assorted groups announced a new $10 million ad buy, with $8.3 million hitting Obama via Super PAC American Crossroads, while dark money group Crossroads GPS is dropping $2.3 million to take on down-ticket Democrats (four Senate races, one House race). Here is the small business-focused ad American Crossroads is using against Obama in eight states:

Meanwhile, a new WaPo/ABC poll looked at opinions regarding outside spending on the presidential race, with 75% "very concerned" about the amount of spending from corporations, unions, and the wealthy. They also note how conservatives don't seem to understand that the majority of the outside spending is supporting Romney:

2012 09 16 campaign finance graphics 2

Lastly, Todd Akin's campaign hopes that disaffected Missouri women have eight minutes to kill watching a series of women declare their continued support for the candidate in this web video.

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