Unfit For Government, Ctd

It’s now clear that what I’ve been arguing these past few months – that Romney would be an extension of the Likud party in the US, that he would encourage more Jewish settlement in the West Bank, launch a war against Iran and abandon even any pretense that the US should be an honest broker between the Israelis and the Palestinians … well, I was right, wasn’t I? The man bankrolled by Sheldon Adelson whose mouthpiece is Dan Senor is a supporter of a one-state 149464558solution, presumably a starker version of his view of America in which half the country works and the other half are parasites. In Israel, that would be Israeli Jews and Palestinians respectively, because we already know that Romney believes that the Palestinians have no entrepreneurial spirit (about as far from the truth as you can get).

Again, what’s striking is the inability even to recognize the “other” as people worth talking to or engaging. He’s written off 47 percent of his fellow citizens – as hopelessly lazy and irresponsible and unreachable. He’s written off any engagement with the Palestinian leadership whom he describes in a fashion that, again, could have been taken from, say, 1979, as if there have not been some real advances in the West Bank since then. And Romney is on record as seeing no way he could ever say no to an Israeli prime minister on anything. So there you have it. If you thought I was being excitable about Romney’s foreign policy – which makes George W. Bush look like Kofi Annan – you now know why I’m so alarmed by Romney’s laziness, deceptiveness and recklessness in foreign affairs.

Dan Drezner sums up what Romney’s take on the Israel-Palestine situation says about his candidacy:

We’ve had a week where riots in the Middle East have raged against the United States, NATO’s Afghanistan policy seems to be falling apart, and China seems bound and determined to foment crises in the Pacific Rim.  A smart presidential candidate could find a lot of material to criticize the Obama administration on foreign policy.  Instead we have a GOP nominee that can’t manage his own campaign, much less deep thoughts on geopolitics.

Nob Akimoto is flabbergasted by Romney’s foreign policy vision:

This is seriously unreal. I was ready to chalk up some of his campaign trail nonsense to not knowing what the hell he was talking about, but he was able to go at length about the Israel/Palestine situation and his solution essentially is just one of those things you never, ever admit to, even in the most private of company. That he dismissed a former Sec-State (I’d imagine this is probably Baker) saying there’s the prospect of a settlement without even asking what that prospect is is also quite unbelievable.

Meanwhile, the Twittersphere reacted to the bizarre analogy that equated Taiwan with Palestine:

Romney has been vocal in wanting to step up military support of Taiwan, and has criticized Obama’s “Asian pivot.”

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