The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew framed the election as a Tory against a Randian. And as commentators hailed Ponnuru's takedown of the 47 percent attack line from last year, Andrew saw hope for the GOP's return to sanity. He also pointed to the debates as Romney's chance for recovery, parried a reader's dissent on the context of Romney's remarks, and assessed the Obama camp's first online ad regarding the scandal. (Full ad war update here.) Scores of bloggers contextualized the remarks and assessed the damage. As Bob Shrum wondered what Romney had left, conservatives applauded the "Real Romney" and John Tucker argued the race wasn't over. Derek Thompson observed the popularity of the 47% talking point, Jim Tankersley questioned its appeal to independents and Rich Lowry knocked Romney's lack of policy substance.

As another shoe dropped from the taped fundraiser, Andrew reiterated that Romney would be an extension of the Likud party. Chait called out Romney on pandering to conservative Jewish donors, Ackerman parsed Romney's Mideast policy, and the GOP base got the campaign it wanted. Meanwhile, Krugman broke down tax-paying by age, Blake Zeff outlined why candidates go off-script for donors and Rob Delaney likened Romney's fragmented talking point to alcoholism. Ta-Nehisi hailed the end of whiteness, the 47 percent video kicked around for months before breaking yesterday and Dorothy Rabinowitz earned a Dick Morris nod. The @MexicanMitt meme emerged and we highlighted some notable quotes here and here.

In other electoral developments, Weigel tallied up how Dems might hold the Senate, Nate Silver noted that swing states remain close, Virginia's hue grew bluer, and Super PAC execs pocketed mammoth salaries. Meanwhile, Chris Geidner looked forward to SCOTUS gay marriage cases, readers set the record straight on Bush apologies, while another identified Obama as a night owl. Jesus may have married and John Hodgman revealed the funniest person in the world. VFYW here, FOTD here, MHB here, and reflections on the view from a Mankato, Minnesota window here.


(Photo by Melina Mara/The Washington Post via Getty Images)