How To Counter Lies On Live TV

Jay Rosen flags a recent on-air exchange between CNN's Soledad O'Brien and GOP Congressman Peter King during which she challenges the factual basis of King's "apology tour" rhetoric:

Rosen thinks O'Brien is setting an example for how the press can help counter the "post-truth" political era:

If you interview people on television for a living, you and your team over-prepare. You anticipate points where a Peter King may feel entitled to his own facts. You know your material (and his) cold, so you aren’t worried about the interview spinning out of control. You smile more as the struggle heightens. You interrupt when a dubious claim is first introduced, and each time is it re-asserted. The tone you maintain is a plea for evidence. You have your mark-up of the documents with you. You have your pen. You wave them, which is theatrical. But you also read from them, and send through the lens an evidentiary calm.

… Peter King didn’t back down or change his mind. But he shifted modes. From: what planet are you and your so-called fact checkers on? It’s obvious to anyone who can read that Obama apologized for America. To a point closer to… Okay, he didn’t say I apologize or I’m sorry. There was no apology in the diplomatic sense. But I read those speeches differently; to me and to my party they sound like an apology.