Romney Tries To Massage The 47 Percent Message

It's not producers vs parasites, or the makers vs the takers. Coordinated with the Drudge report, he cites a 1998 clip from Obama:

"There’s a tape that came out just a couple of days ago where the president said yes he believes in redistribution. I don’t. I believe the way to lift people and help people have higher incomes is not to take from some and give to others but to create wealth for all."

Here's what Obama said:

"I actually believe in some redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody's got a shot."

This is not socialism. It's about trying to ensure that "everybody's got a shot." It's centrist American liberalism. But Romney cannot back away from his 47 percent speech, or he loses the base. He can't intensify it, either, because of increasing damage from independents. So he's trying to make the whole thing some condescending message on why he's an American in his economic philosophy and Obama isn't. Nice try. But redistribution is inextricable from the progressive income tax code, and long has been in America. So why isn't Romney favoring a flat tax?