The Unloved One


Tod Kelly searches for a historical parallel for Romney's net favorability negatives at this point in a campaign:

Has a major-party Presidential candidate ever had to focus so much energy on getting his own party to be willing to vote for him?  Last November, I would have bet you  many rounds of top-shelf scotch that by now the GOP’s candidate would have been tacking to the center so hard and fast he or she would be breaking all kinds of land-speed records.  But ironically, the only electable candidate of that entire bunch may turn out to be the least electable of all, because his party’s base doesn’t trust him enough to let him tack anywhere but further right.  (And trust me on this – after attending last weekend’s Values Voter Summit I can assure you that the base does not like Mitt Romney, and they do not trust him – at all.)

(Chart from Pew)