Sugar Daddies 2.0

As an experiment, Alex Belanger signed up "for a site that sets up escorts with men who want to pay them — handsomely — for sex and company":

The single guys I met made it clear they weren’t looking for any type of real relationship. They liked the idea that the money bought them the ability not to commit. One guy I met said that his job was his girlfriend, that sometimes he thought of money as his love of his life. He even went as far as to say that the money can’t keep him warm at night, but it won’t leave him and won’t end up making him try to change. The funny thing with these men is that there was a freedom they felt with me once they thought of me as a commodity, of someone who had put herself out there on the market to be bought in increments. If I had gone for a drink with a banker on a date, he — of course — would never say any of that out loud.