Editorial Of The Day

The Seattle Times, the largest daily newspaper in Washington state, has endorsed I-502, Washington's marijuana legalization initiative. It begins:

The question for voters is not whether marijuana is good. It is whether prohibition is good. It is whether the people who use marijuana shall be subject to arrest, and whether the people who supply them shall be sent to prison. The question is whether the war on marijuana is worth what it costs.

Initiative 502 says no.

Dominic Holden rounds up additional pro-legalization editorializing from the paper. Scott Shackford contrasts Washington's editorial boards with California's:

When pot legalization hit the ballot in 2010 in California, allegedly liberal newspaper editorial boards ran screaming into their local police chiefs’ offices and hid under the desks until those bad, bad marijuana junkies went away. Statism trumped civil liberties at California’s news outlets (Cities would be able to set their own guidelines? What the hell is this – Somalia?). None of the major dailies endorsed it.