The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew envisioned Obama as Reagan and hoped for his re-election to prompt change in Israel's coalition government. Meanwhile, Nate Cohn analyzed Obama's lead, and as Josh Barro noted that Romney can recoup his tax overpayment later, readers reminded us that notarization had no bearing on the veracity of Romney's tax summaries.

While early voting began, Romney buried his head in the sand about swing states, Joseph Cera outlined why Obama's bounce will hold and Matthew Continetti blamed the media for reporting poll results. The Obama campaign then rolled out 47% ads, Simpson and Bowles warned of the looming fiscal cliff and TNC discussed when Obama disappointed him most.

As Maine firemen supported marriage equality, John Corvino explained marriage equality rationales. Scott Reynolds Nelson then explained how America was founded on credit, the Seattle Times endorsed marijuana legalization, and while Evan Thomas liked Ike, Lewis J. Gould described TR's PR.

In world news, Andrew likened the MEK to the IRA, Libya fought back and Gourevitch critiqued intervention. Plus, data suggested the world's heating up.

In assorted commentary, Andrew looked forward to seeing "The Master" after reading a brilliant post. Meanwhile, cold offices slowed down employees – or perhaps they misunderstood procrastination – Jeff Wheelwright augured the future of our ageing nation, and Apple's map proved dangerous. Someone scrubbed Jonah Lehrer's e-book, Americans envied beer and electronic chess players cheated. And as Matt Bell graded in Beckett quotes, The Oatmeal captured dog diets.

Andrew and Dina shot here, VFYW here and MHB here.


(Photo: U.S. President Barack Obama walks from the Oval Office to a waiting Marine One helicopter while departing the White House on September 24, 2012, in Washington, DC. Obama is scheduled to travel to New York City for the United Nations General Assembly. By Win McNamee/Getty Images)