The Musical Stylings Of L. Ron Hubbard

Katie Notopoulos rounds up bizarre recordings, which she describes as "approximately as good as the movie Battlefield Earth":

L. Ron became very interested in a particular synthsizer that was popular in the early '80s called the Fairlight CMI. Church of Scientology literature about Hubbard's music career talks about how he discovered untapped potential in the instrument that the inventors of the Fairlight had never considered.

In fact, the Fairlight was very popular in the '80s, so much so that Phil Collins was moved to state in his album notes for No Jacket Required that the Fairlight was NOT used on the record. Kate Bush used the Fairlight extensively on Hounds of Love, proving you can make good music with it, not just weird a weird jumble of horse sounds like Hubbard did.

Above is Hubbard's song "Windsplitter," which is from his album "Space Jazz."