Who Would Deport More?

Kerry Howley wonders whether Obama or Romney would be tougher on undocumented immigrants:

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has expelled 1.5 million immigrants during Obama's tenure, far more than Bush managed in the same time frame. Obama claims he instructed ICE to prioritize criminals, and it’s true that some of the deported might be categorized as such. One criminal ICE went after is Juana Reyes, a mother of two charged with trespassing for the crime of selling tamales in a Walmart parking lot. She had been in the United States for 16 years before authorities arrested her for selling a cheap lunch Walmart employees reportedly enjoyed.

One can always find sympathetic anecdotes—perhaps Juana is an isolated case in a rising swell of homicidal Mexicans—but the conflation of violent and non-violent criminals is too politically convenient to ignore. The list of priority deportees includes women who call the police to report assault and people with traffic violations

In light of all this, ABC News asks “Who would deport more?” and spends a thousand words telling us that no one has a clue.