The Paradoxes Of Dogs, Ctd

A reader responds to this post:

I didn’t even want a dog.  But my wife insisted, and finally, when I ran out of excuses, I (reluctantly) acquiesced and two years ago, we adopted Oscar, a 25 lb. French bulldog.Veggie

Don’t tell my wife, but Oscar has become the true love of my life.  I always had pets (cats, mainly) but I had never before experienced the kind of unconditional love I now have from Oscar.  And more than that, Oscar loves every part of his life, every moment, so earnestly and enthusiastically that I truly envy him.  I tell people (only half-jokingly) that if there is a next life, I want to return as Oscar. 

There’s lots more to say about Oscar, but I only have time for one quick story.

My mother died of cancer last year at age 71.  When she entered the hospice, Oscar and I would visit her, but she was asleep most of the time.  During our visits, I would walk Oscar around the hallway and introduce him to other residents, and he visited with them, and made them laugh and smile.  Who else could give dying strangers joy like that?  I don’t have that power; but Oscar does.  All I can do is share Oscar's personality and magnetism with others as much as possible. 

Another sends the above photo:

I thought all dogs ate vegetables.  Mine loves them.

Update from another:

The dog in this picture is so cute it makes my soul ache. I see babies and think "meh". I see a puppy and my ovaries quake.