The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew detailed why drone attacks aren't part of a "just war," analyzed Romney's late-in-the-game image reversal, and broke down election odds. He then took on the "intelligence briefing" smear and live-chatted about his latest cover story on Obama. Greenwald and readers reacted to Andrew's Obama-as-Reagan argument, Stan Collender laid out Boehner's dilemma, and Nyhan and Sprung debated whether the GOP will come to the table. Poll-doubting gained momentum, Nate Silver imagined a Romney victory without Ohio and Bob Wright wondered how that comeback line might sound.

Meanwhile, Erick Erickson blamed "elitists" for the Romney nomination, an unemployed Ohio resident reflected on the 47 percent, and Daniel McCathy asked whether the GOP was still a national party. Something fishy then emerged on Romney's taxes, Tom Tancredo endorsed pot decriminalization, Jose Antonio Vargas tried to to stamp out "illegal alien," and Bill Bishop examined public opinion on immigration. In the ad war, the candidates churned out more of the same while encouraged DIY ads. 

Looking globally, David Kenner exposed torture in Syria, Eli Lake questioned what the White House knew about Libya and FOTD here. The Bible neglected to hate on gays, stars outnumbered sand grains, Christopher Mims deconstructed Facebook's emerging market strategy, and a professor noted who will foot the bill for current law students. Terror tickled, readers chimed in on whom weddings are really for and Dan Baer most certainly was not an interior designer. Dina Martina addressed "the monster that is pinkeye," Louis CK conquered the entertainment industry and J.K. Rowling shed light on the sex-around-unicorns taboo. MHB here and VFYW here.


(Photo by Joel Saget/AFP/Getty Images.)