Fear Is Fun

Edith Zimmerman asked sociologist and fear pundit Margee Kerr why some people love being scared:

There's so much 'real' stuff to be afraid of today — stability, security, the environment, we don't have to go far to find something scary. But those fears are more abstract, and it's hard to feel any sense of control over them. The 'startle' fears, or those things that activate our fight-or-flight, they can be fun and give us back that sense of control and achievement in the face of fear.

Every night we turn on the news and hear all these depressing, scary things, and they just sort of sit there — there's no closure and little we can do about them. But when we go into a haunted house or watch a scary movie, we have that 'I DID IT' moment at the end, the big pay off. We feel like we faced something and beat it and came out on top. It's a huge rush of dopamine and adrenaline too, so that, physically, is making us feel pretty awesome, strong, even euphoric. Combined, 'safe' scary experiences can then be both psychologically fulfilling and biologically stimulating.

On that note, T.L. Stanley has details on the upcoming re-release of Halloween for its 35th anniversary, "the widest release since its original run." Trailer above.