The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew argued that neocons are running against Carter, claimed the inalienable right to medical marijuana, and thanked extremists for alienating the Catholic mainstream. He then explained Obama's lack of complacency, flagged Obama's "closing argument" ad, and, after declining to rule out a landslide, called attention to David Corn's unearthed Bain video.

As Dick Morris declared the race to be tied and the poll-doubting craze caught on even more, Tomasky asked Republicans to face reality. Meanwhile, as the Obama campaign rolled out another slew of high-impact ads, Chait analyzed the team's superior return on investment.

Mark Lilla then framed middle-roader Obama expectations, Dylan Matthews identified the lobbying boost for DC's economy and Weigel highlighted how redistricting locked in 2010 gains. Bloggers debated the upward jobs revision, almost everyone depended on the government, and as Jacob Sullum hailed a turning point in pot legalization, Shamus Khan longed for yesteryear's tax attitudes.

In coverage of global issues, Netanyahu drew a bomb at the UN, Steve Coll questioned Muslim rage and Alec MacGillis exposed Romney defense of free trade with China. And while Americans increasingly supported torture, Joshua Foust questioned the reliability of the Stanford drone report.

In assorted commentary, Andrew shared his struggles with doggie anxiety and relayed how Drudge cheered up the, uh, drudgery of moving. Parul Sehgal then reflected on the immigrant's relationship to books, academics offered more perspectives on the papyrus scroll mentioning Jesus' wife and the Mormon Church cracked down on a Mormon blogger. Dina admired Fatty Arbuckle, more readers speculated on whom weddings are for and James Bond voyaged in style. Brian Fung then wondered what to do when you can't fall asleep and Jackson Landers investigated chicken taste. New-fangled angling here and VFYW here.