Ad War Update: Murphy Walks Into A Bar …

It was a slow day for ads, with only one TV ad released from either campaign: a Spanish-language spot from the Romney people. It features Puerto Rico's Republican Governor Louis Fortuño (ad buy size/scope unknown):

Cameron Joseph translates:

"In this election, you will play an important role," Fortuño says in Spanish. "These last few years have been very difficult for our families. With Mitt Romney, things will get better — creating millions of good jobs and giving our children more opportunities. I know that our community will make the right decision. It's not about 'yes we can,' it's about 'how we can.' We need to revive the American dream. With Mitt Romney we'll achieve it."

As part of the run up to the first debate, the Obama campaign uses Romney against himself in a new web video:

A GOP pollster in Pennsylvania said he thought the Bain attacks had been effective against Romney there, while Romney said today he thinks he can still win it – though doesn't have any ads up in the state. The Romney camp is also micro-targeting mailers in Virginia over Lyme Disease. In down-ticket news, this new attack ad from Congressman Allen West (R-FL) against Patrick Murphy is as brutal as they come:

It's worth noting that Murphy was 19 when he was arrested. The pro-Dem outside group House Majority PAC returns fire as part of a $1.5 million buy in the district:

Then there is Scott Brown, who's not backing off Elizabeth Warren's heritage-gate, this time going with a people-on-the-street approach to cast doubt on her honesty:

Lastly, Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) deploys the talking taxidermy for his latest ad:

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