Can A Dog Be Depressed? Ctd

Readers on our Facebook page join the discussion:

My partner and I split after ten years and our Golden Retreiver was inconsolable. He would sleep laying on my feet and never leave my side except to lay on my former partners side of the bed at night. Our pet sitter remarked the the big gold dog seemed really sad; he was. I did what you do with anyone who is suffering loss. Extra attention, I rarely left him and alone, and when I did need to leave for travel, he went to my sisters where there are other dogs to hang with. He is getting better… and like people, I think it will just take time, and some extra love. At the end of the day it's nice to know it means something to them, isn't it?

Another reader:

I need to tell you about our Molly. She was a yellow lab my husband and son rescued from the pound. One day she brought this dog home that was a short little weiner dog mix. He was pretty old because he had a gray muzzle, and somebody had put a spiked bulldog collar three sizes too big on him. After realizing no one was going to claim him, we took him to the vet to get his shots, etc. and found out he had heart worms. The treatment required us to keep him in a small kennel for a couple of weeks so he couldn't run around, and Molly pretty much stuck by his side. We named him Beau. After he was cured and healthy, two other neighborhood dogs, Anna and Jake, would come to the door leading from our bedroom to the courtyard every morning and they'd go out and play.

One day when I was working out at the local gym, a neighbor came to tell me that he thought Beau had been hit by a car.

When I got to our street, he was lying on the side of the road in the rain, still alive. I took him to the vet, but he was in shock and his hips were shattered. He didn't make it. Molly sat by the grave my husband placed him in, still in the rain, until we finally got her to come inside. She pretty much stayed in the dog bed they shared in our room, for days. Anna and Jake still came to the door and barked every morning for a couple of weeks, but she never went out to play with them again. I know without a doubt, she was grief stricken and depressed. She never made another dog friend to the day she died, 9 years later.


We had a Great Dane named Hubert. When his buddy dog Chester died he stopped eating. We tried lots of stuff but he was clearly depressed. The vet said get doggie Prozac or another dog. So we went and got George. Hubert ran around the yard about twenty times and ate a hearty dinner that night.

As you can see from the above video, others went with Prozac.