Smoking Segregation

Nate Berg covers it:

In a fascinating paper published recently in Urban Studies, Qian Hui Tan observes that smokers are "purveyors of sensory pollution" – creating a scent that, like all odors, can invade and take over. When that space is public, the impact can be immense, segregating and stratifying public spaces.

Dreher can relate:

I have always been amazed by how little smokers seem to understand how strongly the smell of cigarette smoke clings to them and their clothes, and how unpleasant it is to many non-smokers. This is not a moral judgment, but an aesthetic one (I don’t have any strong moral views about smoking). I’ve always hated the smell of smoke, and have all my life had to fight off headaches because secondhand smoke. But I hadn’t realized how accustomed I’d become to it until laws banning smoking in bars and restaurants took effect.