Life With iWallet

We've previously covered efforts to live cashless, but Christina Bonnington is going a step further and giving up her wallet entirely for a month. She's relying on apps:

I’ve been relieved to find that giving up my wallet hasn’t meant giving up good food. An app called LevelUp has been one of the most useful options I downloaded. I was pleasantly surprised to find a wide variety of partner restaurants offering everything from empanadas to food truck ribs near Wired’s office and in the neighborhood where I live.

Clubbing and laundry? Not so easy:

Alas, there was nothing I could do Saturday night when I ventured forth into San Francisco’s nightclub scene hoping to use four photographs and a video of my ID to get in. That, as I’d anticipated, was a definite no-go. … Doing laundry will be nearly impossible, as I have yet to find a laundromat that isn’t purely card- or coin-operated.