Paul Ryan, Revealed

Chait applauds how the growing awareness of Ryan's scuttling of Bowles-Simpson is "penetrating the media narrative about him":

Ryan is still an extremely skilled bullshitter — vastly better at it than Romney. But he’s actually seeing, for the first time, questions that attempt to pry information out of him, rather than the batting practice lobs to which he’s accustomed. He’s going to emerge from the race with his legend punctured.

The WaPo piece rightly exposes him as a rigid Randian ideologue whose adherence to that theology almost single-handedly killed the S-B Commission and the already-slim chance of a Grand Bargain between Boehner and Obama. On slashing taxes, he is deeply serious. On the deficit, he is deeply unserious. Ryan in so many ways is the antithesis of a conservative. He's ideological, not pragmatic. He wants to reshape society so drastically he resembles the most fanatical lefty. Whereas a tory would want the lowest taxes compatible with a balanced budget, Ryan favors the lowest taxes, period.

So we return to another possible era of GOP-supply-side-fantasy-fueled debt. How anyone can have lived through the last thirty years and still think like that tells you something about Paul Ryan's intellectual acumen. So does the fact that he claims to be both a Randian and a Catholic. Not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree our Paul.