The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 1 2012 @ 10:30pm

Today on the Dish, Andrew marveled that the GOP was still focused on on its "Carter Strategy." He then called Paul Ryan "not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree," worried that Romney would embrace torture in the debates and qualified his support for Simpson-Bowles. And after Andrew wondered how partisan polarization could be changed, he summarized the polls and agreed with Touré that Obama's re-election could spur racial integration.

Seth Masket then previewed the first debate, the Romney campaign plotted zinging and Ezra Klein explained the Obama strategy. Big money migrated, abortion didn't hurt Dems and Obama relied on routine. And as the fiscal cliff loomed and Pew made Romney seem unusually unlikeable, Karl Rove's Super PAC embraced the "Carter Strategy" and Mike Murphy analogized poll denialism. Plus, Homer got Romneyed.

In global coverage, Andrew defended Beinart's critical read on the Middle East, no one knew the drone death count and Tom Freston visited Hezbollah's new Tourist Landmark of the Resistance. More generally, McKay Coppins pushed back on the Mormon excommunication issue, Eric Nusbaum reflected on the car chase suicide and Jesse Ellison reported the latest in US military rape.

Meanwhile, in assorted commentary, Rohin Dhar exposed the mattress racket, a philosopher pondered pain and Greg Beato praised electric bikes. Christopher Bonanos then compared Polaroid and Apple, Google Street View went under the sea and Christie Wilcox questioned the organic advantage. And as scientists confronted post-apocalyptic timekeeping, Adam Wilson likened Louie to Twin Peaks and Andrew thanked Dishheads, old and new. FOTD here, MHB here and VFYW here.