The Mormon Church Isn’t Big On Free Speech, Ctd

David Twede, a Mormon blogger who faces excommunication, suggested that his criticisms of Romney provoked the Mormon Church. McKay Coppins pushes backs:

Twede's claim that he was being targeted for his politics was met with deep skepticism by seasoned religion reporters and Mormon liberals alike. "I have been openly critical of Mitt Romney's candidacy, and I have never experienced pressure from the LDS Church's leaders from my political views," said Joanna Brooks, a prominent Mormon scholar and blogger.

"I've been involved in organizing Latter-day Saints who support President Obama for over a year," said Rob Taber, national director of the grassroots Mormons for Obama. "My church leaders know I'm doing this. We park a car with a 'Mormons for Obama' bumper sticker in the church parking lot every Sunday." He added, "Not once has anyone suggested I might face church discipline, and the idea that I would for… criticizing Mitt Romney would be quite a stretch."