Ad War Update: The Liberals Are Coming!

Rove's Crossroads groups are spending big in the closing weeks of the campaign. Today they announced a $16 million buy hitting Obama and Senate candidates. Super PAC American Crossroads is using $11 million of that war chest to target the president in eight states with this TV ad:

However, as First Read notes, the "promise" angle is BS:

Of course, that charge is a familiar one from Republicans, but not one Obama actually made. from a Romney speech last week in which he made a similar claim: “Romney is referring to a speculative report issued at the beginning of Obama’s presidency containing projections — not promises. Those projections relied on prevailing economic models that quickly proved to have underestimated the depths of the recession at that time.”

The other $5 million of Rove's buy is for Senate races, mostly via his dark-money outfit, Crossroads GPS. View those ads here and here. Meanwhile, the Romney campaign drags out the "liberal" sneer (ad buy size/scope unknown):

About those tax hikes: not so fast. Also, note how Romney's coalition is suddenly "common sense conservatives." Kilgore opens fire:

It’s generally assumed that ads launched just before a presidential debate probably indicate the intended messaging of the candidate’s debate appearance. If so, it looks like Romney is going to stare into the cameras as often as possible and utter big, dumb lies aimed at low-information voters while reinforcing the more primitive of conservative "base" beliefs. The Obamacare-increased-your-taxes meme is useful because it take a lot of ‘splainin to rebut, as does the convoluted Romney claim that middle-class folks will do better than the wealthy under his own tax proposals.

I don’t know if this is what conservatives gabbers had in mind when they urged Mitt to "go large" in the stretch run. "My liberal opponent and his liberal friends want to raise your taxes and let government run your lives" is a "big" theme in the sense that Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is "big" entertainment aimed at putting a big stupid grin on your face.

Romney's people also bring out the merry band of liberals in a new Spanish-language spot (ad buy size/scope unknown):

Cameron Joseph translates:

Obama and his Democratic allies — their great achievement: a $16 trillion debt. To pay for it, our children will owe more than $50,000. The policy of Obama and the Democrats has meant that half of our young people are struggling to find work when they graduate. The legacy to our children: a debt they don't deserve, without the jobs to pay for it.

From the other side, the Obama campaign is out with more China pushback, hitting Romney in seven states with this spot about a Chinese company named Global Tech that Bain Capital invested in (ad buy size unknown):

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