Inhaling A Snack


Mark Wilson investigates Le Whaf, a project from Harvard scientist David Edwards and food designer Marc Bretillot:

It’s essentially a carafe filled with an ultrasonic-generated cloud of something–strong flavors like warmed orange soda and port wine both work well, I’m told, as does parmesan or mushroom broth. The diner approaches the cloud and sucks it in with a straw, which fills their mouth with flavor. But whereas many beverages are laden with calories, a whole "glass" of Le Whaf cloud consists of just 40 microliters of origin liquid, or the equivalent of 1/8,872th of a 12oz soda.

Edwards tries to sell the significance:

"Actually eating habits have been changing since the beginning of time. We have been eating less and less, more and more frequently," he says. "In a very real way, Le Whaf carries to an extreme a tendency inherent in the evolution of cuisine."