Marriage Equality Update

A clip (full video here) from a beautiful new video by Chase Whiteside, from Maine, where voters will vote on marriage equality this November:

Civil rights for gay couples are up for votes in Maine, Washington State, Minnesota and Maryland this November.  The polls in Maine show over 50 percent support for marriage equality, but not far ahead enough for comfort; in Minnesota, it's tied right now. In Maryland, the polls show a 51 – 38 percent edge for marriage equality. In Washington State, it's 56-38 percent in favor. In Minnesota, where the Catholic hierarchy are waging a very strong campaign against marriage equality, the polls are tied.

All these states are in play, but we have learned that polls understate opposition to marriage equality. People don't want to admit they want to discriminate against others to pollsters. So do what you can. Give what you can to the cause here and here. Call a family member or friend in those states and ask them how they're voting. Peer-to-peer persuasion is easily the most powerful.

And if you are gay in those states and in the closet, you will not have more propitious moment to be honest. You will not only liberate yourself but in that very act, you liberate others, gay and straight. Into the truth about our lives.

(Full video here, produced by New Left Media in association with The Four)