The Decline And Fall Of Tucker Carlson, Ctd

Weigel weighs in:

[T]his isn’t really a story about Barack Obama. It’s about the media. The Caller’s one of many conservative media organizations dedicated to the principle that the media, by failing to worry Obama over his panders and biography, did not “vet” him. It doesn’t matter if the press covered an Obama story. They didn’t cover it enough.

Last week’s Caller blockbuster told readers that the young Eric Holder had participated in a black student association’s occupation of a vacated ROTC center, and it didn’t matter that many profiles of Holder had covered this — they didn’t cover it enough. We know this, because voters did not get worried about it. This story hasn’t been reheated. The media just used a microwave, when conservatives know they should have put it in the middle of a nuclear reactor.

Tod Kelly calls The Daily Caller “everything I hate about post-internet ‘journalism.'” And he’s not talking about the website’s attempt at race-baiting:

[T]he bit I’m finding particularly nauseating this evening is this front page story salaciously announcing a Megan Fox sex tape, along with a photo of Fox wearing (remarkably little) lingerie writhing on a couch.  When you read the story, however, it turns out that such a sex tape might not even exist.  The Daily Caller was sent an email from an anonymous source with an alleged “still” that may or may not be Fox.  And… that’s it.  That’s the whole front page story.  Some guy shoots the Daily Caller an email saying he has a tape of Megan Fox having sex, and they run a front page story on it without bothering to verify it first.