The Loser Narrative

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 3 2012 @ 7:08pm

John Cook believes that the press is treating Romney unfairly:

[W]hen Romney tried to get a crowd at a rally in Ohio add his running mate's name to a chant they had started—"Romney! Ryan!" instead of "Romney! Romney!"—even nominal Republican Joe Scarborough stubbornly misinterpreted it as a hamfisted attempt to change the chant from Ryan's name to his own. This is not because Joe Scarborough supports the candidacy of Barack Obama. It is because he supports the primacy of the Romney-is-a-Loser narrative, and wanted to hold up another shining example of that loser-dom for the rest of the political press to giggle at. Which they did, even though it was obviously based on a falsehood to anyone who took time to listen to the audio.

Andrew Kaczynski labels the above video:

Mitt Romney Deft Debater Vs. Mitt Romney Derpy Debater

Which one will show up [tonight] for his first round with President Obama?