Ad War Update: The Post-Debate Pounce

Team Romney is wasting no time taking advantage of last night's debate. Here's the new job-focused TV ad from the campaign, with Romney again going direct to camera (ad buy size/scope unknown):

The president is hitting back with this TV ad on Romney's numerically impossible tax plan (ad buy size/scope unknown):

The Obama camp also has a longer web-ad taking Romney to task for his debate lies. Meanwhile, the RNC piles on Obama's debate performance with this web video:

And then there's this brutal debate-focused ad from GOP dark money group American Future Fund (ad buy size/scope unknown):

AFF is also up in Iowa with this ad hitting the president on Libya and Israel (one-week $343K buy):

And pro-Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future is trying to cut Obama's lead in Wisconsin with this ad (one-week $1.2 million buy):

Ad War archive here.