The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew live-blogged the first presidential debate, saying "Obama may even have lost the election tonight," after which he dissected it on Beast TV. And as the blogosphere bashed Obama, Tweets ranged from snarky to baffled. Meanwhile, Big Bird grew worried.

Earlier in the day, after Andrew pole-axed Tucker Carlson, Weigel weighed in on Obama's "second race speech" and Alex Castellanos lamented. In debate previews, Larison framed tonight as Romney's "best available shot," bloggers wondered whether debates matter and Thomas M. Holbrook analyzed their history. Dickerson explained why presidential temperament mattered, Douthat wished Romney had run a better campaign and Nyhan urged blind debate coverage. The debate then went digital and John Cook believed the press treated Romney unfairly.

More generally, libertarian values surged, Obama's bounce faded in Florida and Quinnipiac found Obama leading with women. While bloggers pushed back on the fiscal cliff debate, Rohit Chopra pondered our fixation with entrepreneurs. And as "you didn't build that" lost traction, Paul Ryan shared his video diary of Steak Baby, er, Big Sweet Owl…?

Toobin suspected the marriage equality ballot measures would influence SCOTUS and Expedia rolled out a marriage equality commercial. Hillary then mugged next to Xtina, George W. Bush explained the racial roots of poverty and John Hodgman lamented the humbling nature of political humor online.

In global news, as Iran's economy faltered, Drezner said sanctions in Iran were working. Beinart then broke down how Zionism is in crisis, Mike Giglio reported on Assad's increasing cruelty and The Economist expected smart weapons to get cheaper. And as Eli Lake dug into the embassy attack, a former CIA analyst gave some perspective.

In assorted commentary, Andrew got visual on the MGM debate. John Self then defended lit crit bloggers, Farhad Manjoo hated online pagination, and as Noah Millman mulled Robot & Frank, "cocktail trees" bore fruit. Sarcastaball MHB here and VFYW here.


(Photo by Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)