The Daily Wrap


Debate dissection dominated the Dish today, with Andrew framing Romney as a master salesman. Meanwhile, readers reacted here, here, here and here, with blogger post-mortems here, here and here. Tweet reax here and here. And an Elmo FOTD here.

In additional debate analysis, Silver expected Romney to claim some gains, Jed Kolko guessed why the candidates ignored the housing crisis and Amy Davidson listed seven of Obama's missed opportunities. Kerry Howley then called the debates "empty promises," Mary Elizabeth Williams spotlighted the significance of Sesame Street and Clive Crook stood up for Lehrer.

Obama returned fire, while Team Romney unleashed new ads. Larison, meanwhile, recommended that Romney stick to his strengths, Douthat kept an eye on the polls and Daniel Gross awaited tomorrow's jobs numbers. And while Chris Wilson grouped political donations by name, Millman fingered the finance industry over inequality.

In world news, Syria and Turkey exchanged fire and Golnaz Esfandiari reviewed the civilian cost of bombing Iran. And in assorted commentary, Alyssa cheered a new music video, Robert Wiblin critiqued "private altruism" and gun-printing met with legal troubles. VFYW here, MHB here and ask Reihan anything!


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