Ad War Update: Romney’s Blitz Continues

The post-debate ads keep coming from the Romney campaign - this ad targets Ohio voters with another direct-to-camera appeal (ad buy size unknown):

A disappointed-in-Obama testimonial from former NBA player Greg Anthony is the focus of this ad aimed at Nevada (ad buy size unknown):

And another economy-focused spot here (ad buy size/scope unknown):

There is also a web video from the Romney campaign going after Obama on defense spending, as well another tax-focused ad featuring the "liberal" smear (ad buy size/scope unknown):

Meanwhile, the Obama campaign is out with another web video adding up the fact-checks on Romney's debate rhetoric:

In ad analysis news, Glenn Kessler examined the specific studies each campaign is citing in their two new tax-focused ads and concluded that Romney's ad is stretching the truth more than Obama's. In outside spending news, the Koch dark money group Americans For Prosperity is out with a stylish new anti-Obama spot to coincide with the latest job numbers (ad buy size/scope unknown):

And the liberal foreign policy group Truman National Security Project is going after Romney in Ohio with this one-minute ad starring several veterans (ad buy size unknown):

In down-ticket news, Elizabeth Warren's campaign isn't missing the opportunity to highlight Scott Brown's ill chosen SCOTUS name-drop – here is its new radio ad:

Warren's campaign also has a new positive TV spot out, while Brown's camp is out with a web video touting his support from several New England sports figures. In the Nebraska senate race, Democrat Bob Kerrey is deploying The Jerk in this … original endorsement video:

Lastly, pro-Obama Super PAC American Bridge 21st Century is having a little fun with Romney's Big Bird comment – here is one of twelve new web ads (graphics) from the group (ad buy size/scope unknown):

Ambridge oscar

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