Post-Debate Polling

The Gallup tracking poll – which now includes one day after the debate – has shown an Obama uptick of one today, putting him at 50 – 45. Rasmussen's tracking (skewed GOP in its sample) sees no real change either, yet, giving Obama a 49-47 edge. As the days go by these rolling three day averages will change. But nothing dramatic yet.

Looking at the emergent swing state polls, some new better numbers for Romney: in Florida, we just saw the first poll in a three weeks to give Romney an edge; in Virginia, Romney has his first lead in a poll in month; in Ohio, Romney has just had one poll giving him a tiny lead for the first time. These are all single polls and need to be taken with some salt. But they mean that Romney pulled out of his nose dive. He's back in the race. How today's unemployment news will affect that momentum is of course to be determined.