A Writer’s Promiscuous Path

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 6 2012 @ 4:56pm

David MacLean finds that his various jobs have been an ideal form of training:

In terms of employment, I’m a bit slutty. And I think that’s why I am a writer—because in the end, I’ll do anything. … It was working second shift at the [Honda] Paint Department that I started reading all the books I was supposed to read in high school. I read The Jungle and stopped eating meat for six years and thought about what a writer could do when injected into lousy jobs—places where a person’s brain meant nothing—you could think whatever you wanted, as long as your body put the flanges in their place. Upton Sinclair made writing cool and having a terrible job a noble part of a greater project of social justice. It wasn’t really me doing the job, it was me investigating what it felt like to do the job. I should’ve been getting paid double-time.