Ad War Update: Hitting Mitt’s Foreign Credentials

The Obama campaign is honoring Romney's foreign policy speech with a web video and two new TV ads all suggesting that he fails the commander-in-chief test. The following spot will run in Virginia and focuses on a variety of Romney missteps (ad buy size unknown):

There's also a new anti-Bain ad suggesting that Romney put a Chinese investment ahead of national security (ad buy size/scope unknown):

And here is a new web video from the Obama campaign highlighting Romney's dishonesty at the debate:

Back to the tax-cut battle, below is an eight-state Obama spot taking on a Romney ad's citing of the American Enterprise Institute as an "independent non-partisan" group (ad buy size unknown):

Also, to counter Romney's recent ad featuring a former NBA player, Team Obama puts out a web video featuring seven pro basketball players. From the other side of the campaign trail, the Romney people are trying to cancel out the $5 trillion tax-cut number with this new spot (ad buy size/scope unknown):

Romney is also deploying an ex-Obama voter in this new ad targeting women (ad buy size/scope unknown):

Meanwhile, pro-Obama Super PAC Priorities USA is attacking Romney over education cuts with this six-state ad (part of a previously announced $30 million buy):

Elsewhere in outside spending, the NRA Political Victory Fund is putting $1.5 million behind this kitchen-sink ad hitting the president in four states:

Lastly, a Simpsons and Family Guy veteran gives Obama an animated boost:

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