The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 9 2012 @ 10:30pm


Today on the Dish, Andrew called Romney "the clear centrist in this election" and responded to reader backlash against his post from yesterday. And after still more readers urged calm, one grimly agreed with him. Buzzfeed, meanwhile, memorialized Andrew's meltdown in GIFs. In general poll news, Kos thought Romney's bounce was fading, the enthusiasm gap returned and it all came down to swing states.

Andrew then excoriated Tucker Carlson for his smear tactics against Martha Raddatz. And as Catherine Rampell debunked Romney's 11% unemployment claim, Daniel Gross called Romney out on his distortions of Obama's trade record and Fred Kaplan spelled out Romney's foreign policy folly. Meanwhile, Ben Smith and Ruby Cramer reported on unskewing, Waldman critiqued the town hall format and Reihan discussed a conservative approach to inequality. And after unleashing a Big Bird ad, Team Obama's ad onslaught targeted the seniors. Meanwhile, The Onion lampooned Romney. Plus, Yglesias award nomination here.

Jon Lee Anderson then checked in on Syria's civilians, Chris Wright railed on workaholism and Tim De Chant calculated how our cities will expand. Americans grew more religiously unaffiliated, Felix Salmon warned about high-frequency trading and the Feds can't stop marijuana legalization. 

In assorted commentary, Karl Sharro parodied Slavoj Žižek, Jim Davenport visualized our Starbucks orbit and as Tse Tsan-tai sought the Garden of Eden in China, an exonerated death row inmate reminisced about his kitten. Cool Ad Watch here, FOTD here, MHB here, VFYW here and VFYW contest-winner here