The Decline And Fall Of Tucker Carlson, Ctd

The GOP campaign publication, The Daily Caller, is hard at work trying to smear ABC News’ moderator Martha Raddatz because her second husband – are you sitting down? – once worked with Barack Obama on the Harvard Law Review. I know: deeply shocking. They first tried to smear her as biased back in August. They’re now trying to find out if Obama attended his Law Review friend’s wedding. Raddatz is now married for a third time to NPR’s Tom Gjelten.

This apparently matters. Raddatz’s remarkable career as a war correspondent of great courage and integrity doesn’t. Her 20 trips to Iraq, her constant travel to Afghanistan and her close relationships with military families and their stories are also all irrelevant. And, by the way, she has already confessed that she cannot be objective all the time:

“No matter how you feel about this war or how we got into it, you have to care about our servicemen.  I can’t pretend to be objective when it comes to service or sacrifice.”