The Poll Wonks Weigh In

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Nate Cohn analyzes the race:

The hints of movement back in Obama’s direction may just prove to be static. But those hints are enough to justify waiting a few more days for polls conducted over the weekend before concluding that Romney’s performance resulted in a lasting and fundamental shift in the race. If Romney can hold his post-debate gains, the race would be quite close—as close as any election at this stage—with the exact favorite coming down to whether Romney can take a lead in critical states like Ohio.  

Nate Silver will also be watching the swing state polls:

So far, the evidence that Mr. Romney’s debate bounce is receding is a bit anecdotal. Indeed, this case seemed a bit clearer a couple of days ago. But it is a plausible hypothesis; a fresh round of swing state polling could help to settle the question.

And Harry Enten says it's too close to call:

You don't need a fancy formula to look at the data and see the race is within a point either way. It's quite possible that Obama will open up a lead again in the coming days. It's also possible that he won't. All I can say for certain right now is this race is exciting.