Has Obama Dialed In Now?

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 10 2012 @ 1:29pm

TNC hopes that the debate debacle has woken Obama up:

I am sorry that the president finds debating before the public to be annoying. And I am very sorry that more Americans don't delve into the footnotes of position papers. And I am very sorry that Mitt Romney was mean to the moderator, and lied to the viewers. And I am especially sorry that Barack Obama was evidently shocked — shocked! — to find the party of poll-taxing, evolution-disputing, and climate-change denying engaging in such tactics.

But this is the war we have. And this president has signed up to lead the fight. I think he understands that. Over the past four years Obama has proven to be very slow, but very deadly. I doubt that's changed.

I hear similar things from some in the campaign. And yes, this is an Obama pattern. He seems to get nervous if he's doing too well and throws it. Then, when faced with near calamity, like his near-vanished healthcare law or a new congress that would never pass DADT, he moves quickly. We need that guy back. And fast.