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Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 10 2012 @ 10:30pm

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Today on the Dish, Andrew vowed to fight back against Romney’s distortions, highlighted the candidate’s self-contradiction and reflected on TNC’s Obama commentary. He then defended his position on Simpson-Bowles, called Romney out on the “mathematic impossibility” of his tax plan and noted that Bill Clinton killed it.

Meanwhile, Obama publicized Romney’s lying and Amy Sullivan reacted to Romney’s abortion insta-flop, as the poll wonks weighed in. And as Douthat critiqued Obama’s lack of vision, Team Romney capitalized on Obama’s downturned gaze. Romney then won a robust endorsement, girls in pearls loved Paul Ryan and Bad Lip Reading reinterpreted the first debate. Colorado’s legalization effort looked good, Weigel reported on Pulpit Freedom Sunday, and as Jack Welch earned a Malkin award nomination, Sarah Palin “announced” that she’s writing a fitness book.

In global news, Andrew praised Australian prime minister Julia Gillard’s evisceration of a sexist opposition leader, the State Department conceded there was no anti-film protest at Benghazi and Steve Coll illuminated the executive choices for prosecuting terrorism. The Taliban attempted to murder a teenage girl and Bob Wright worried Turkey and Syria are destined for war. Then as Beinart analyzed Netanyahu’s Romney strategy, Charles Kenny broke down how foreign aid worked best and Medvedev messed up time.

In assorted commentary, Andrew bemoaned New York Shitty, excerpted Dan Savage’s foreword to On Being Different and endorsed TPMPrime. Brink Lindsey promoted abstraction, hyperphotos allowed dramatic zooming and savage love combined with savage sex. In the natural world, a stingray photo bombed bathers, Jerry DeNuccio contemplated his encounters with deer, and Lee Billings detailed how his perception of the universe has changed. MHB here, VFYW here and FOTD here.


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