The Media Right And The Dish

A few thoughts on the sudden attention this blog has gotten from the rightwing blogosphere. Drudge is Drudge. He does sometimes link to me, and has had me on his blog-roll for years (we were roughly the only two people on the planet live-blogging the 2000 election campaign and are both unrepentant, obsessive Petheads). But of course, the big love comes when I give Obama a tongue-lashing (which I've done several times in the past few years). And, of course, it's all part of the fun and games of the web that linkage is used a lot of the time for mockery or drama. Hence my Moore and Malkin and Hewitt Awards.

But I also have an Yglesias Award and often link to those on the US right making a decent point, sometimes in contention with the Republican consensus and brutal partisan discipline. And while a few pro-Romney columnists capable of attacking their own preferred candidate – Noonan comes to mind with her recent comments on the "rolling calamity" of the Romney campaign – I cannot imagine a pro-Romney blog doing what I just did to Obama.

They infer that I've given up or turned on him or whatever. And, yes, I am prone to drama, but have safeguards against it – we made sure to run dissents all day yesterday, and the Dish team's mission is to push back at me, not echo me. I just want to reiterate a few things: that I still firmly believe it is essential for global stability and economic recovery that Obama be re-elected; that his record is about as good as anyone could expect given the circumstances; and that I have seen the alternative to him lie and shape-shift so much in the last couple of weeks, he is even less principled and more ruthless than I feared.

Obama let him get away with it for one devastating night. The Dish won't for a second from now until the election. I haven't given up. I've just been given an electric prod to get back into the arena. And fight back.