The Next Middle Eastern War?

Al Jazeera finds little appetite for war among Turkey's allies:

But Bob Wright fears that Turkey and Syria are destined for war regardless:

Turkey is, in a sense, already at war with the Syrian regime. The rebels aren't just being supplied via Turkey; they're being supplied by Turkey–at least in the sense that Turkey has willingly, even eagerly, turned itself into an arms and ammunition conveyer belt that is stocked by such countries as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. (The US is confining its contribution to "non-lethal" supplies such as communications equipment–which, of course, does in fact help the rebels kill people.) So the Turkish indignation at shells landing on Turkish soil is ironic; Turkey is sending lots more ammo into Syria than Syria is sending into Turkey–the difference is that the ammo Turkey is sending actually kills lots of people. That Turkey's role as a conduit of arms and ammunition isn't a passive one may make Syria even less inclined to keep its fire far from the border.